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Marriage Counseling Tulsa

We are happy to have you hear at marriage counseling Tulsa! Do you have failed expectations in your marriage, disappointments, or many frustrations?

Frustrations and unresolved issues in marriage pile up like a massive sand pile.

It slowly builds but eventually falls if not properly taken care of. We provide you with these sand tools and proper techniques to ensure that your sand pile of marriage problems does not fall through pre marriage counseling and couples counseling Tulsa.

tulsa couples counseling

Couples Counseling

tulsa marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

tulsa premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling

About marriage counseling Tulsa

tulsa couples therapy

Have you taken the time to reflect on your marriage, yourself, where you guys are at individually and together as a couple? Do you see issues and feel that it is time for Tulsa couples therapy? If so then we are ready to be the positive change you need in your relationship.

We have a team full of fabulous therapists that will reflect on your marriage with you in couples counseling Tulsa. They want you to feel secure in the relationship with you, as you trust and rely on them for guidance in your marriage.

This way you will have the ease to openly talk about what it is that you are struggling with and thinking.

We are the best at premarital counseling Tulsa because we see couples through to their most important aspects that they believe so that they will know going into their marriage what they both think are the most important values to live by.

Our mission is for people to go through relationship therapy with a goal in mind and coming to the point of achieving that goal. These goals and the time it takes to achieve them will be different for every couple.

Finding couples therapy near me that meets both you and your spouse’s needs can be difficult. Here we have different types of counselors for our different types of couples therapy, you will be sure to find one that fits both of your needs and personalities.

Couples therapy Tulsa OK does and will continue to look past the imperfections as people as we all have them and will make you feel at home and welcome

Why choose couples counseling near me?

One very important thing that couples do in a healthy relationship is to create healthy boundaries within their relationship. These help couples to create a level of love, respect, trust, and unity in their relationship.

Most people have a really hard time creating and following through on boundaries on their own. This is one of the many things that our clients love that we help them to address and act on. Are you going to be a couple that talks about your rules or boundaries in your marriage, or are you a couple that reacts when your partner does something that you do not like or agree with?

Come to Tulsa counseling services! Call us today and we will assist you in creating boundaries, healing hurt, and begin to foster a love and respect that you have been missing out on in Tulsa marriage counseling sessions. We have been helping out clients for years with these simple things:

  • Here's some stuff

What to expect in relationship counseling?

Our customers love to choose Marriage counseling Tulsa for their marriage counseling services because of our terrific counselors here.

We know that you are busy. Every couple is so busy. With work, school, family, church, hobbies, and children, life never gives you a break, you must find it on your own or be very purposeful in creating it. We make it very simple and respond in a timely manner and with efficient work when scheduling your appointment.

We get you all set up with a counselor for relationship counseling Tulsa that will best fit your situation. You will meet with them typically on a weekly basis.

It is super important for your counselor to understand how you and your significant other interact together. To see you two talk and communicate through your issues will best help them in order for them to best help your relationship gain the tools it needs to be successful.

Some sessions may be best for you to meet one on one rather than together, if this is true for you then your counselor will let you know this is the case. You then will have appointments with only you and also ones together with your spouse. This will help you work on you and then also work on your relationship together.

Your counselor will love to see how you think individually and also how you and your spouse interact and respond together.

tulsa family counseling


We want to make sure that we offer services to everyone in different phases of their relationship. For this we have premarital counseling that acts as protection for your marriage. We also have marriage counseling that will help ignite the spark that maybe has been lost in the midst of life.

Premarital Counseling

Believe it or not but those who do not talk about affairs, or talk about divorce are some of the highest that experience it.

It is important for you to learn how to talk about these important things and learn how to protect and be proactive in making sure these do not happen.

You will learn all of these very valuable tools while in pre marriage counseling.

Couples Counseling

In couples counseling you will work on your marriage. The way you work on your marriage is to work on you. You can only change you, you cannot change your spouse.

Your counselor will help pinpoint the parts of your relationship that needs work and will help you to do so.

About Tulsa OK

Tulsa is as big as 401,000 people living here. Tulsa is distinct in its success in aviation, finance, telecommunications, and technology. It is known to be the “oil capital of the world” as it was a huge part of the american oil industry.

Tulsa is pretty forested but not with massive mountains, more with rolling hills. It is a beautiful area filled with much green vegetation.

We receive a lot of rainfall in spring and even into early summer. We also experience huge thunderstorms with tons of rainfall, crazy wind, and even sometimes tornados. Make sure you are tornado trained when coming here.

The cities that are nearest to Tulsa are:

  1. Bixbi, OK
  2. Jenks, OK
  3. Sapulpa, OK
  4. Sand Springs, OK
  5. Glenpool, OK
  6. Kiefer, OK
  7. Sperry, OK
  8. Mounds, OK
  9. Kellyville, OK
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my husband and I need to go together?

No. You do not need to attend marriage counseling near me together. Although there is much better success when you do go to counseling together, which is why we highly recommend doing marriage counselling together. You are going to learn so much that will change you individually and you will grow so close together as you are in Tulsa marriage counseling together.

How much does relationship counselling cost?

This depends on a few different things. If you have insurance that may possibly help to cover the cost depending on if the counselor you are seeing is partnered with your insurance. If you would like more information about the cost, give us a call and we will be happy to go over all of the cost information with you.

What percentage of people does couples counseling help?

80% of people that attend couples therapy report that they saw a positive change in their relationship. Marriage therapy helps you to work on your individual self and work on your own weaknesses and in turn strengthens them. This helps you grow together as a couple. Most of the time you do not even realize the things that you do or say and how they affect your relationship. In therapy you get all the perspectives and learn how they affect your relationship.

If we have a good relationship should we do couples counselling?

Yes. It is like working out when you are healthy. Working out when you are healthy helps to strengthen your muscles, your lungs, and your flexibility so that you are less prone to getting sick, getting hurt, and so forth. The same is for marriage or relationship counseling. If you go to therapy or counseling when you have a good relationship then you will be stronger and more flexible and have better endurance to take on the struggles of life and marriage when they do arise.

If I am not christian can I come?

Yes you can still come here even if you are not christian. We base our values off of the christian religion but we accept everyone no matter what their religious views are.

Customer Testimonials

You would think counseling is hard and uncomfortable but it has been everything but that. It has been very comfortable as we have been able to learn to parent in better unity. I’ve learned how to discipline so I am not just the “fun dad” and my wife and kids now have more respect for me and see me as a parent role.

Jeff Levvitt

The ways that our counselor has gotten us to talk has been amazing! We are now comfortable discussing topics that we normally never talked about. It is crazy to see how when you talk about something important, it changes your relationship so much more. It has helped so much more than we could have thought it would.

Elaine Crosbie

This counseling has been the best for me and our relationship. It has helped me to work on so many personal issues I was having. This has helped our marriage as my husband has realized the ways I have been bettering myself, it has motivated him to better himself as well.

Jen Jones

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If you are ready to protect against a marriage that has not yet begun so that you will experience greater satisfaction in your marriage then you found the right place. If you are in a relationship that is not meeting your needs and you feel dissatisfied then you are also in the right place.

Do not let fears of counseling stop you from coming. You will only experience greater struggles in your relationship the longer you wait to get help. Call marriage counseling Tulsa today to get your first appointment started. The first step is always the hardest step. This means calling will be the hardest step.

You can also fill out this form here and we will help you to get started. We are thrilled to help you to experience greater happiness, love, and appreciation in your relationships. You will feel this more and more after each session you come to.

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Marriage Counseling Tulsa

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